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  • What kinds of drones do you repair?
    We repair everything from Aerial photography rigs, to racing/ freestyle. All major brands such as DJI, Yuneec, and custom.
  • What is the average turn around time for a repair?
    We have a very fast and competitve repair turnaround of usually one week typically depending on parts in stock. If they are available, we can ususually get them completed in 2 business days.
  • Do I need to register my drone with the FAA?
    If your drone weighs more than 0.55 lbs, you will need to register it with the FAA before you fly! Also, you need to display your drone registration number on your craft. The process is easy, you must be 13 or over and it will cost $5. From there, there are strict rules you will need to follow in the air, please read through and check them all out. I know some of them can be a hassle, depending on where you plan to fly, but the more we break the rules, the stricter they will become in the future. Help us all enjoy drones for years to come by enjoying them responsibly today.
  • Do you ever put on events?
    We host a weekly Tiny Whoop race for the community at different venues throughout the metro Phoenix Area. We also host monthly build days where people can bring their parts and ask questions to the staff.
  • What all is included in the training?
    Our knowleadagble staff can help you in learning how to repair your race freestyle drone as well as teach you how to fly. We can also train you to get your Part 107.
  • Whats the best starter drone?
    That depends on what type of drone you would like to get into. Drones range from little brushed micro whoops, to Big, Aerial photography rigs.
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