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Service Rates


We have very competitive rates and want to help our customers as much as possible.

DJI  Repair, Service & Maintenance

   Thank you for your interest in our UAV repair and DJI maintenance service. We strive to offer outstanding customer service so you can rest assured that your drone or UAV will be taken care of with the up most respect and care. Our team has an incredible passion for the drone industry and specializes in all DJI products, UAS and Large UAV platforms which reflects in our work. Here is what you can expect when your come in to drop of your drone/drones (we also provide on site UAV fleet management)…


When you come in, we will fill out a service request with your contact info, date dropped off, the issues you’re experiencing and all equipment left with your drone. To give you an idea of what drones we service, here is a list:

Phantom 3 advanced • Phantom 3 Professional  •  Phantom 4  •  Phantom 4 advanced

Phantom 4 Professional  •  Mavic  •  Mavic pro  •  Inspire  •  Inspire 1  •  inspire 2



Our drone diagnosis is free if we proceed forward with the repair. If you decide to hold off with the service then we charge $25 for the Diagnosis

Spark = $80 + cost of parts

Phantom 3 Adv & Pro = $100 + cost of parts

Phantom 4 = $120 + cost of parts

Phantom 4 Pro = $150 + cost of parts

Mavic (all models) = $120 + cost of parts

Inspire (all Models) = $200 + cost of parts


Firmware Updates = $40


                                                                                                     •  If we can fix the issue during diagnosis your cost will only be the diagnosis fee of $25


If you have any further questions about DJI repair, DJI Updates or just regular drone Maintenance, we can be contacted at: 480-719-9399 or sales@flitefactory.com

Keep in mind that when you call, we cannot diagnose your issue over the phone. If you need to send us your drone, please ship to our store address