Click on the REKT TV logo to get access to our Youtube Channel where we post Pilot Videos, Interviews, and Live Racing Streams.  Join us every Thursday evening from 8-11pm AZ time to view our weekly whoop race.

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Come join us as we celebrate AZNT’s race director “The G8keepR” Ted Wayne’s 50th birthday at the Haunted Domes! 2 days of drone racing, music, LED jumbo tron for spectator viewing provided by Showboss AV, live streamed by Perspective Image, porta potties, camping, and power for all racers/spectators. Pilot registration and event tickets available on our website.


32 pilot Max

This event is held on both October 16th and 17th. Thursday October 15th will be open for those attending that want to fun fly around the domes and through the track but do not plan to race. Please note, this is the only day for fun flying! (Be sure to pick up your fun fly ticket. This day is included for Pilots who purchase a event race ticket.) Each pilot is required to go through a tech inspection.

There is three(3) specific requirements to pass tech inspection:

1.) 25mW VTX output. We will be scanning your antenna to ensure you are putting out a MAXIMUM of 25mW. We strongly suggest a well known reputable VTX like the Team Black Sheep Unify Pro VTX's ect as some cheaper VTX's can very easily output way more than they say they do.

2.) Failsafe check. MAKE SURE YOUR PROPS ARE OFF! If you come up to tech inspection with props on we will ask that you remove them and return to tech inspection. Essentially how this works is you will power on your quadcopter, arm it, and turn off your transmitter. If you motors stop spinning when you turn off your transmitter you are good! If they do not stop spinning when you turn off your transmitter then your failsafe is NOT SET UP! Please make sure to have this completely prior to arrival.

3.) LEDS!!!! Oh pretty lights?! Yes, AZNT loves the lights, if you couldn't tell already All quads are required to have LED's. Each quad MUST have a minimum of six(6) LED's on two sides of craft. If you show up without LED's you will not be able to race. So please, for the love of lights, LED that quad up! Plus, who doesn't love seeing a trail of lights as a quad screams by?!

10-15-20 Schedule:

6:00 pm - 12:30 am - Fun fly all night long

10-16-20 Schedule:
6:00pm - Track opens
6:00pm - 12:30pm Open Qualifying (Explained Below)

10-17-20 Schedule:
12:00pm - 5:15pm: Open practice for racers
5:45pm - Pilot Meeting for those racing
6:00pm - Track Opens
6:00pm - ? - Double Loss Elimination rounds

Open Style Qualifying:
What does this mean? It's quite simple actually! Each pilot is allotted a MAXIMUM of 8 qualifying runs! You will need to run all 8 on Friday. The nice thing about open qualifying is that there are NOT any predetermined heats. A pilot may run their qualifying runs as they please. Simply place your quad on the table and when your quad is up next you're up! Each pilot will receive a pilot card that will be hole punched each qualifying run so we can track how many times you ran a qual run. Again, 8 total qualifying runs! You do NOT have to run them all by any means you're just trying to set down your BEST 3 lap run for seeding. This will determine your overall placement going into double loss elimination rounds. But, you CANNOT run more than 8 qualifying runs! That is the CAP!

Double Loss Elimination Rounds:
After ALL pilots set down their best 3 lap time we will seed accordingly. The top half of the pilots will make the Pro Class and the bottom half of the pilots will make the Sportsman Class. Each class will run a Double Loss Elimination style bracket. How does that work you ask? Well, allow us to enlighten you! When you are up for an elimination round you are shooting to get either 1st or 2nd place on that run! If you get 1st or 2nd you will NOT take a strike. If you get 3rd or 4th place on that run you will be receiving a strike. 2 strikes and you're out! Hence the double loss! Once these brackets work down to 4 remaining pilots then we will run Chase the Ace format.

Chase The Ace explained:
Chase the Ace means the FIRST pilot to win two(2) total races wins the entire event. Even if you DO NOT get first place keep pushing as we still need to determine what order the top 4 pilots land in!


Current Live stream
past events
                                 The Domes of Casa Grande RACE 

The Domes

Casa Grande, Arizona

An abandoned facility that has become a place of ritualistic satanic worship, or so rumor has it.

Thanks to AZNT for hosting this epic race on Halloween Weekend.  Here is a video of the whoop racing portion of the weekend.  The track was setup inside one of the domes. Our local pilot Noodle aka Del Sutton gives us a walk through




In September of 2019 , Phoenix, AZ was fortunate enough to have the Drone Racing League (DRL) in town hosting an epic drone race at Chase Field.  The best drone pilots from around the world gathered here to put on a spectacular show, Days before the race, a few of the DRL and Rotor Riot pilots came to hang out and meet with the local FPV communtiy here at REKT.. 

Chaophakao had the pleasure of interviewing Drew Camden,

aka LeDrib, President of Rotor Riot as well as others. 

Check out the REKT TV Youtube page for more videos and live streams .


We offer a Stem + style program where we teach students all about drones and how to operate them safely.  Our core staff has several school events under our belts.  Please feel free to contact us to schedule an event at your school.

We also offer Business and corporate demos where we show you how to safely operate your drone for business purposes.  Our trained staff is certified with the FAA's Part 107 Certification and is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of drones.  Feel free to contact us for more information regarding our Corporate demos.

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